Birth preparation class also in English

Hey English speaking Mum-to-be!

Are you looking for a birth prepping course in English? 
Good news, you can sign up for Tough Moms in English as well!

Tough Moms

Giving birth is like competing in sports on the highest level!
It requires your A-game, from both your body as well as your mind! Tough Mom is a birth preparation class that helps you to deal with the thoughts (and worries) before and during child birth.


Birth preparation class in english available


During the class we focus on a number of mental skills that we use in professional sports. 

  • visualization during contractions
  • goal setting and focus on rest and relaxation
  • thoughts and their effect on your hormones
  • interpretation of labor pain
  • interaction with your birthing partner
  • what if it's not going according to your plan? 

Together we will work on your mindset for the hours of maximum effort:

Your little baby being born!

The next courses

Because of corona there are no classes at the moment. But... 
You can sign up for the online course, so you can prepare from home. 
Safely, cosy, together with your birthing partner. 

  • Location: Online
  • € 187,- 
  • Duration: 2.5h
  • For you and your birthing partner
Birth preparation class in small groups

Class (not available due to corona) 

After signing up you will receive your invoice.

birth preparation class at home with your partner

Private course at home (not available)

  • Location: your home (Leiden area)
  • € 257,-
  • Duration: 3h
  • For you and your birthing partner

After signing up you will receive an invoice.